Our extensive background in construction management situates our company to be a powerful representative in your court. Whether you are completing construction and you need us to mange the 1st year punch-list with your builder or if you are interested in a remodel or addition to your home, we can help in many ways. Not only have we managed projects like this before, but we have worked with the top builders in the Telluride region. We understand that you are typically thousands of miles away, and having an agent you can trust on the ground can eliminate much potential stress involved in building projects away from home.

Whatever your project or dream may be, we are here to assist you. We are a great first call to connect you to the right designer, architect, or builder for your project. Need a new roof or want a smart home system? Each client and each house are different, and by being your loyal agent, we have the best chance at connecting you with your perfect fit.

Additionally, if you are beginning the design phase with an architect, it can be very beneficial to bring us into the mix early to help limit the operating costs of the completed home and to eliminate potential design disasters, something you may end up having to tear apart later.

In end, regardless of your construction needs, we can be of assistance at many different stages. Feel free to call or email to see how we can help.